Hokkaido purebred horse
with pedigree certificate
“Placental Power®”Horse Placenta
Professional Inner Beauty Drink.

Supporting materials, which include Hokkaido purebred horse placenta,
the plant enzyme※ solution of naturally fermented fresh plants are blended together
with the low-molecular-weight salmon collagen and AC-11 according to the“golden ratio”.

※The plant enzyme solution are fermentation products are matured
by enzymes that are produced during the fermentation of plants.

Plant enzyme solution and beauty supporting
materials are carefully blended in accordance
with the golden ratio.

  • Horse placenta
      from Hokkaido production line
  • Plant enzyme extracts
  • Salmon collagen
  • Royal jelly
  • Astaxanthin
  • Silk peptide
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Ceramide
  • AC-11
    (cat’s claw extract)
  • Various vitamin groups etc.

In order to ensure professional quality,
we strictly choose Hokkaido purebred
horse placenta.

Hokkaido purebred
horse placenta
5,000mg/per bottle

Each purebred horse is priced at tens of millions or even billions of yen. The number of purebred foals born in Japan is declining, currently only about 7,000 each year.Generally, placenta comes from pigs which deliver 10piglets each time, and they deliver two to three times every year. In contrast, one horse can only deliver one foal each year. And the pedigree certificate of thoroughbred can be obtained only in the case of natural mating. Under these strict restrictions for thoroughbred, the acquirable placenta from each delivery are only 3〜5% out of 7kg of total placenta. Therefore, the placenta of horses is much less than that of pigs or sheep, which explains why it is highly priced.

Maintained breeding environment
for thoroughbred horse

Maintained breeding environment for thoroughbred horse

Thorough soil management.
Feeding only pesticide free grass.

To bleed healthy and strong thoroughbred horses, analyzation of soil condition is carried out and maintain nutritious soil to grow grasses. For lean soil, spread straw to rest and maintain the quality of soil. Also, the dry grasses are carefully selected by the aspect of safety and nutrition for feeding thoroughbred horses.

24 hours monitoring of delivery
room and veterinary stationed.

Veterinary station at firm and 24 hours
monitoring system of delivery
room are available for emergency.

Three strict management systems
for achieving high quality
and product traceability

Three strict management systems for achieving high quality and product traceability<

1.Signed pasture under strict
management of environmental sanitation

On the advice of thoroughbred breeding experts, we use the placenta from Hokkaido signed pasture which implements rigorous quality and sanitation management and establish a tracking mechanism accordingly.

2.Quick Collection of placentas

In spite of the extremely low temperature in Hokkaido, we still adopt the quick freezing technology to ensure the freshness of placenta.Therefore, the immediate shipping and processing are made possible.

3.No detection of 140 kinds of veterinary
medicines and 167 kinds of pesticides are confirmed

Strict test is conducted on purebred horses including mares,
which shows that the placenta used in this product contains none of the 140 veterinary medicines.Likewise, none of the 167 pesticides are found in the fully controlled soils and feedstuffs.

plant enzyme extracts
3,000mg/per bottle

plant enzyme extracts 3,000mg/per bottle plant enzyme extracts 3,000mg/per bottle

Enzyme essential to life.
Blend plant enzymes
naturally fermented by yeasts,
fermenting bacteria, etc.
Beauty created by natural plants.

To balance beauty and health, we use yeast and fermenting bacteria to ferment carefully-selected plants to produce plant enzymes and add them into the product.

salmon collagen
10,000mg/per bottle

Low-molecular-weight(1,500Da) salmon collagen 10,000mg/per bottle

10,000mg Low-molecular-weight
salmon collagen(1,500Da) is blended.

This low-molecular-weight(1,500Da on average) collagen is extracted from the skin of salmon.A glycine-rich material developed for“beauty”.

beauty supporting materials are
carefully blended in accordance
with the golden ratio.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly

Royal jelly, nutrition reserved exclusively
for the queen bee, contains 40 nutrient substances, including protein, sugar, lipid and 21 amino acids.
Silk peptide

Silk peptide

A low-molecular component derived from the enzyme-fermented natural silk. It contains rich amino acids.
AC-11(cat’s claw extract)

AC-11(cat’s claw extract)

Beneficial material certified by the FDA(United States Food and Drug Administration).
Herb native to South American-bark extract of radix ranunculi ternati.

Other valuable materials such as astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and various vitamins are also added.

Plaenzyme®98 Pro.

Net weight : 50mL×10 bottles
Expiration Date: 2 years from the manufacturing date (unopened)

  • NO
For beauty purposes
  • Worry about sun exposure
  • Want to keep youthful beauty
  • Want glorious young appearance
  • Too busy to make time for self-care
  • Feel lack of vital on appearance
For health purpose
  • Who lack energy
  • Who gets tired from standing while
    working and from exercising
  • Ease period pain endured by women
  • Address problems caused by chills
  • Reduce fatigue after days of entertainment
  • Refresh your morning when you
    haven’t enough rest
  • Remove your depression