Cell Cure4T Plus Cell Cure4T Plus Cell Cure4T Plus

Cell Cure4T Plus
Interwind Wave Effect
The world first,
one and only patented“I.W.Wave”!

Four types of treatment for effective facial care
“Support beauty care at home.”

“CellCure 4T plus”is a beauty facial device that we have developed after spending years of research and development with various medical device manufacturers.“CellCure 4T plus” is equipped with four types of professional level techniques including the patented“I.W. Wave”, and three other professional level techniques that are only available at beauty spa.It is a palm-size facial treatment device that are usable for 20 times (5minutes/time) as cord-less style. This product has been well received by customers and many of the top professional makeup artists and models.

Patented (Patent No. 4859694)
“Patent of beauty device that exercises facial muscles and beautifies skins” June 2011

Four functions

1. Electronic cleansing
Deep cleansing to pores and skins
2.I.W.wave(micro current)
Maintain skin environment
3. I.W.wave(EMS)
Exercise facial muscles
4. Electroporation
Nourish skin
Cell Cure4T Plus
CellCure 4T Plus

Scalp Massager exercises head muscles and supports the absorption of scalp essence.

Components : 1device/scalp massager/1AC adapter/2fixing
belts/10pieces of cotton cloth

  • Short use time
    (5minutes per day)
  • High power
  • Wireless
  • Lightweight and compact