Privacy Policy

Pro Labo Concept Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) carefully handles customers'
personal information based on the following criteria.

1. Definition of personal information
Personal information refers to the information related to individuals, including personal name, address, date of birth, e-mail address,
or other information through which a specific person can be identified by different numbers, marks and other symbols, images or voices assigned to him/her (including information with which alone an individual cannot be identified, but can be easily compared with other information to identify the person).
2. Intended use of personal information
We will use the personal information you provide for the following purposes.
•Sending e-mail magazines and display advertisements
•Contacting you for various campaigns such as presents
•Providing service through product sales
•Sending bills or your purchased materials, samples, products, etc.
•Other conditions considered as necessary for the basic business needs of the company
3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
In principle, The Company will not disclose to third parties the personal information you provide to us. However,
in the following cases, we are entitled to disclose your personal information.
•In case where it is necessary to use personal information for the protection of human life, body and property,
while it is difficult to obtain the user’s permission
•When there is a need to use personal information to improve public health or promote healthy cultivation of children,
while it is difficult to obtain the user’s permission
•In case where it is necessary for national institutions, local public groups or organizations and individuals entrusted
by the former two entities to fulfill the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations requiring the cooperation of The Company,
while there is a risk of hindering the execution to obtain the user’s own permission.
•When The Company is obliged to disclose or provide personal information pursuant to laws and regulations.
•In case where the user himself/herself is requested to provide personal information when he/she applies for a seminar or
an event organized by a third party through The Company
•In case where the user himself/herself is required to provide necessary information when he/she purchases or applies for
the products or services of The Company or a third party through The Company
•When The Company transfer all or part of its business to a third party, or transfers all or part of its business to a third party
or the company spun off from The Company in case of spin-off
•When the information cannot identify the user himself/herself
•Others conditions considered as necessary, upon The Company’s reasonable determination,
to use personal information for provision of services to users
4. Use of statistical data
Based on the personal information provided by users, The Company shall prepare statistical data in a form that cannot identify individuals and use the data freely without any limitation
5. Person in charge of personal information management
The management headquarter of The Company is responsible for managing your personal information you provided.
6. About privacy on the Internet
Please be aware that your personal information may be collected and used by other users if disclosed on the Internet that anyone can access, such as a bulletin board or a chat room. If you disclose your email address, you may receive undesirable messages based on the information posted there. Users are responsible for disseminating information at their own risk. In addition, partners of our website, websites and services of any third party accessible through our website, or companies that collect data through rewards, promotions, etc. have their own privacy-related and data collection regulations, which are independent of our website. The Company will not assume any obligation or responsibility for such independent regulations and activities.
7. Coverage of the privacy policy
This privacy policy is applied to all services about us. In addition, the privacy policy is also applied to all customers, who use our service in Japan. We also handle the personal information of the customer who use our service outside Japan according to this privacy policy, but it doesn’t guarantee that this privacy policy covers lows of other countries or local lows and all other rules.
8. About changes and notifications
The Company may change the content of "About the handling of personal information" without prior notice.
We may not be able to notify users every time when we make changes. Therefore, please confirm the latest contents to the management headquarters "Personal Information Protection Management Office" below when using.
9. Inquires about personal information
For requests and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information you provide, please contact the following department.

Pro Labo Concept Co., Ltd. Management Headquarter “Personal Information Protection Management Office”
Tel:0120-700-703 Working days: 9:30 - 18:30 (Closed on weekends and public holidays)